Legal notice

30 November 2021 2021-12-07 8:06


$1 Definitions

  1. Platform – platform available at:
  2. Service, Services – the services described in § 2 of the Terms of Use;
  3. Terms of Use- these terms of use;
  4. Agreement – an agreement concluded between the User and Hololoot for an indefinite period based on the Terms of Use, under which Hololoot undertakes to provide the Service on the terms specified in the Terms of Use;
  5. User – any natural person, legal person, organizational unit without legal personality, which the law grants legal capacity using the services provided by Hololoot at the Platform;
  6. HOL Token – utility token issued by Hololoot;
  7. White Paper – HOL White Paper available at:

$2 general provisions

On the basis of the Terms of Use, Hololoot provides to the User, as part of the Platform the following services:
  1. Staking $HOL Tokens (freezing User’s $HOL Token in order to receive a particular benefit described in the White Paper);
  2. Claiming $HOL Tokens (transferring User’s $HOL Tokens into User’s cryptocurrency wallet available as a browser extension).

§3 Use of the Platform

  1. To use the Platform and the services provided within it, a device with a web browser that supports JavaScript and cookies, with access to the Internet, and an active e-mail account are necessary.
  2. The User bears the fees related to the access to the Internet in accordance with the tariffs of his telecommunications operator.
  3. The User is obliged to use the Platform and the Services in accordance with the law and the principles of social coexistence. In particular, this means that the User is prohibited from providing illegal content.
  4. Hololoot reserves that the use of the Services specified in these Terms of Use may be associated with a standard risk related to the use of the Internet and recommends Users to take appropriate steps to minimize them. Hololoot ensures the operation of an ICT system that allows the use of the service provided by electronic means in a way that prevents unauthorized access to the content of the message constituting this service, in particular by using cryptographic techniques appropriate to the properties of the service provided, as well as unequivocal identification of the parties to the service provided by electronic. In the event of planned breaks, modernization or other similar cases, Hololoot has the right to notify Users about them via the e-mail address provided to them or generally via the Platform.
  5. The User is obliged to protect his passwords and data needed to log in to the Platform, in particular not to disclose them to third parties.
  6. Hololoot reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of individual functionalities of the Platform due to the need for maintenance, inspection, or expansion of the technical base, if it is required for the stability of the Platform.

§4 Connecting with the Platform

  1. In order to use all functions of the Platform, the User must connect with the Platform.
  2. Connecting with the platform is made by providing information about the User in the appropriate place on the Platfrom in accordance with the guidelines available on the Platform and integrating with the User’s cryptocurrency wallet available as a browser extension.
  3. For avoidance of any doubts, Hololoot represents that in the process of connecting with the Platform and at any time later Hololoot does not come into possess of any data that enables an access to the User’s cryptocurrency wallet.
  4. By posting data on the Platform, the User declares that they are true and consistent with the facts.
  5. At the moment of connecting with the Platform by the User, an Agreement is concluded between the User and Hololoot.

§5 Responsibility

  1. Hololoot shall not be liable for the consequences of non-performance or improper performance of obligations assumed by other Users towards the User.
  2. Hololoot is not responsible for:
    1. deletion of data entered by Users into the Platform’s ICT system through ICT systems beyond the control of Hololoot;
    2. the consequences of providing third parties with access to the User’s cryptocurrency wallet;
    3. financial losses incurred by Users resulting from the inability to make transactions via the Platform during the technical break,
    4. technical problems or limitations, including the speed of data transmission of computer equipment, terminal equipment, ICT system and telecommunications infrastructure used by the User, which prevent the User from using the Platform,
    5. the effects of using the Platform by the User in a manner inconsistent with applicable law, the Terms of Use or the principles of social coexistence or customs adopted in this regard.
  3. Hololoot provides the Platform and Services on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Hololoot does not represent or warrant that the Platform and Services:
    1. will be uninterrupted, timely, safe, or secure,
    2. will be free of inaccuracies, errors, or vulnerabilities,
    3. will meet User’s expectations or requirements, or
    4. will operate in the configuration or with the hardware or software a User uses.
  4. Hololoot hereby disclaims any and all express or implied warranties, including without limitation, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, and non-infringement to the fullest extent of the law.
  5. The above provision does not prejudice the Users’ rights granted under generally applicable provisions.

§6 Proper Use of This Platform

The Platform shall be used for lawful purposes only. The User undertakes that he will not:

  1. Use the Platform in any way that breaches any applicable local, national, federal or international law or regulation;
  2. Copy, use, disclose or distribute any information obtained from the Platform, whether directly or through third parties, without our consent;
  3. Use, disclose or distribute any data obtained in violation of these Terms;
  4. Violate the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights;
  5. Violate our intellectual property or other rights, including, without limitation:
    1. copying or distributing our materials
    2. copying or distributing our technology, unless it is released under open-source licenses;
  6. Imply or state that you are affiliated with or endorsed by Hololoot without our express consent;
  7. Rent, lease, loan, trade, sell/resell access to the Platform or related data;
  8. Act in an unlawful or unprofessional manner in connection with our Services, including being dishonest, abusive or discriminatory;
  9. Post inaccurate, defamatory obscene, shocking, hateful, threatening or otherwise inappropriate content or airing personal grievances or disputes;
  10. Harass, abuse or harm other users;
  11. Send or post any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, “junk mail” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any form of solicitation unauthorized by Hololoot;
  12. Disclose information that you do not have the consent to disclose, such as confidential information of others;
  13. Post content that contains software viruses, worms, or any other harmful code;
  14. Develop, support or use software, devices, scripts, robots, or any other means or processes (including crawlers, browser plugins and add-ons, or any other technology or manual work) to scrape the Platform or otherwise copy data from the Platform;
  15. Bypass or circumvent any access controls or Platform use limits;
  16. Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher or otherwise attempt to derive the source code for the Platform or any related technology that is not open source;
  17. Monitor the Platform’s availability, performance or functionality for any competitive purpose;
  18. Access the Platform except through the interfaces through that are not provided as legitimate in our consideration;
  19. Override any security feature of the Platform;
  20. Interfere with the operation of the Platform, as also place any undesirable or unreasonable amount of content on our website (e.g., spam, denial of service attack, viruses).

§7 Proprietary Rights

  1. Hololoot reserves all the rights to the intellectual property on the Platform. Information, data, and other materials including trademarks, logos, brand names are intellectual property of their respective owners.
  2. Users are not allowed to reproduce, reprint, publish, or otherwise exploit our’ content or technology on the Platform without Hololoot express prior written consent.
  3. If you believe that your work has been copied and is accessible on this Platform in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please send us a notification of claimed copyright infringement, which must include the following:
    1. a physical or electronic signature of the owner (or person authorized to act on behalf of the owner) of the copyright that is allegedly infringed;
    2. specific identification of each copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed;
    3. a description of where the material believed to be infringed is located (please be as detailed as possible and provide a URL to help us locate the material you are reporting)
    4. contact information for the complaining party, such as a complete name, address, telephone number, and email address;
    5. a statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the work(s) in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
    6. a statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

§8 Complaints

  1. Complaints regarding the functioning of the Platform or services provided through it may be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
  2. The complaints should include:
    1. name and surname of the person submitting the complaint;
    2. a detailed description of the event constituting the basis for the notification and indication of the claims of the claimant
  3. Complaints may be submitted within 60 days from the date of the event giving rise to the complaint. About keeping the deadline for the complaint submitted to the e-mail address indicated in paragraph 1, the date of dispatch of the complaint via the e-mail address of the claimant is decisive.
  4. Hololoot reserves the right not to consider the complaint if the claimant has not met the conditions referred to in point 2 above and did not meet the deadline referred to in point 3 above.
  5. Hololoot shall consider the complaint immediately, not later than within 30 days of its receipt. After the complaint procedure is exhausted, the person submitting the complaint has the right to pursue unrecognized claims in the common court competent for the seat of Hololoot.

§9 Personal data

  1. Hololoot is the administrator of the personal data of Users and entities that submitted a complaint.
  2. Personal data of Users are processed by the Administrator pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 lit. b GDPR solely for the purpose of ensuring the possibility of using the Platform functionalities.
  3. Personal data of entities that submitted a complaint are processed by the Administrator pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 lit. c GDPR only to consider the complaint and are processed as long as it is necessary to ensure the highest quality of service on the Platform.
  4. The administrator may process the personal data of the entities referred to in sec. 3-4 above, pursuant to Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. f GDPR, if it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator.
  5. The administrator may share the personal data of the entities referred to in sec. 3-4 above, in accordance with applicable law, at the request of law enforcement authorities, other public administration bodies, the Police and other services. The provision of personal data does not require the consent of the person, whose personal data are shared.
  6. The entities referred to in sec. 3-4 above, in connection with the processing of their personal data, you have the right to access the data, the right to rectify the data, and the right to request the transfer of data, the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  7. The entities referred to in sec. 3-4 above, you have the right to delete data, the right to limit data processing, the right to object to data processing, unless otherwise opposed by generally applicable law or the nature of the legal relationship between the indicated entity and the Administrator.

§10 Cookies

  1. The Platform does not automatically collect any information, except for information contained in cookies.
  2. Cookie files (so-called “cookies”) are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored on the User’s end device and are intended for the use of the Platform. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the storage time on the end device and a unique number.
  3. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
    1. adjusting the content of the Platform’s websites to the User’s preferences and optimizing the use of websites; in particular, these files allow to recognize the User’s device and properly display the website, tailored to his individual needs;
    2. creating statistics that help to understand how Users use websites, which allows improving their structure and content;
    3. maintaining the User’s session (after logging in);
    4. cooperation with persons responsible for service marketing.
  4. The Portal uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User’s end device until they leave the website or turn off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s end device for the time specified in the cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
  5. The following types of cookies are used on the Platform:
    1. “necessary” cookies, enabling the use of services available on the Platform, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication on the Platform;
    2. cookies used to ensure security, e.g. used to detect fraud in the field of authentication on the Platform;
    3. “performance” cookies, enabling the collection of information on the use of the Platform’s websites;
    4. “functional” cookies, enabling “remembering” the settings selected by the User and personalizing the User’s interface, eg in terms of the selected language or region of the User, font size, website appearance, etc .;
    5. “advertising” cookies, enabling the delivery of advertising content to the User more tailored to his interests.
  6. In many cases, the software used for browsing websites (web browser) allows cookies to be stored on the User’s end device by default. The user can change the cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or to inform about their every entry in the User’s device. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the software (web browser) settings. Hololoot informs that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Platform’s websites.
  7. Cookies placed on the User’s end device may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with Hololoot.

§11 Final Provisions

  1. This Terms of Use can be changed by the decision of Hololoot at its own discretion, at any time.
  2. If any of provisions aforementioned in these Terms of Use are to be found void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal by a court of law, validity and enforceability of other provisions shallnot be affected in any way. If any provisions are to be declared unenforceable, an Users agrees to an amendment made by Hololoot to provide for the enforcement of those provisions to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.
  3. If any of the provisions aforementioned in these Terms of Use is found to be invalid and/or unenforceable under any applicable law, it shall not render these Terms of Use unenforceable and/or invalid as a whole, and such provisions shall be deleted without any effect on remaining provisions whatsoever.